August 24, 2018

Just Like Doll

Just Like Doll ♥


box #01 [37LI] RARE
box #02 [25LI] RARE
box #03 [26LI] RARE
box #04 - 05 [24LI]
box #06 - 08 [30LI]
box #09 - 11 [25LI]
box #12 - 15 [14LI]
box #16 - 19 [13LI]
box #20 - 25 [5LI]
pose set hud (5poses w/mirror) #1,#2,#3

▸ all box resizable
▸ inclue - hud , pose stand (animation in pose stand is a dummy)

【 about TEXT AREA 】

u can apply ur favorite text on text area
plz download attached texture・uv map and use it

wear hud > click [apply ur text] > input texture uuid


If u discover malfunction,we will exchanged that for a new product.
At first, plz inform us of the details.
plz do NOT send a product to us dogmatically!
plz keep it carefully until contact you from us.

In the characteristic of GACHA item,a purchase record(ur prize list) is not left.
redelivery is not possible. cuz gacha item cannot copy.
If u are Away / Unavailable mode,a prize may be refused automatically.

All sales are final and will be NO refund regardless of
the reasons of claims. Also, we do NOT honor any and all product exchange requests.

❥.: vive nine :. Gene Leather Skirt,Top / .: vive nine :. Yala Crop Bomber
❥TETRA - Off-shoulder leather jacket / EVANI - SISILE JEANS